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See your operating system documentation for more information.

Voice requires at least 32kbps upload and 64kbps download bandwidth, regardless of the number of speakers.

These instructions will work for both the public and private chat rooms.

Please read below for instructions on how to create your own private room! ' is our official chat room where you will almost always have Chat-Admins running a list and there to help with any problems or concerns.

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If you see a microphone, that means they are currently on the mic singing!When you first click on the chat link, you will be greeted with a series of rooms. Once you enter the room, it may seem like there is a lot going on, but we're going to break down each component and you will see how easy it actually is.On the upper right side of the window, you will see a list of user names below it. Next to the username, you may see one of two icons. If you see a camera icon, that means their camera is on and you can view them by clicking on the icon next to their name.There are the following types of voice chat in Second Life: Important: You can only participate in one type of voice chat at a time.

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For example: If you're talking to people around you in spatial chat and then start an individual chat, you won't be able to hear those around you anymore in spatial chat, nor will they hear you.In some cases, you may need to exit and restart the Second Life Viewer.If you prefer, you can change the default input and output devices on your operating system.Lea Michele looked ready for Valentine's Day with her pink eye shadow and matching lip look at the 2017 Grammy Awards.